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This melt-in-the-mouth organic vegan Velvety Vanilla Chocolate Fudge is a velvety-textured, indulgent treat. It's made with 70% dark chocolate, coconut milk as a substitute for dairy, coconut sugar to sweeten the fudge, then to offset the sweetness a small squeeze of lemon juice.

This fabulous fudge is made from a handful of natural ingredients, meaning that almost everyone can enjoy it!


  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free

Enjoy! want to open up the joy of eating chocolate to everyone. The great taste from their products are incredibly created by a few, pure, natural ingredients, but are also: Raw, organic, vegan and free from dairy, gluten, soya, nuts and refined sugars.



The magic of their product range is its ability to deliver a high-quality, taste sensation, using a base of just three organic, pure ingredients:

  100% organic raw cacao powder
100% organic cacao butter

  100% organic coconut sugar


The scale is everything and at the moment their volumes are small so they use importers for ingredients, who they work with to meet their sustainability aims. Their goal is to produce on a larger scale so they can go direct to the growers to enable them to build relationships and provide a better financial deal for them.

Their aim is for all their packaging to be recyclable or compostable. Currently, they need to use plastic for the inner bags to ensure the part of the packaging in touch with the chocolate is food grade. Their bags also have to be a material that can be heat-sealed, and also approved by the Soil Association (many compostable bags are made from genetically modified crops). They are continuing to work on this, reviewing new potential packaging solutions as they come to market.
At the moment you can recycle:


Outer wrappers (Card)Card/paper recycling

Clear Bags (Plastic - PP polypropylene)
PP is not as recyclable as PET but should be accepted where mixed plastic recycling* is done

Buttons & Chocolates

Outer wrappers (Card)Card/paper recycling

Clear Trays (Plastic - PET)
Can go into mixed plastics recycling, where available


Outer wrappers (Paper)Card/paper recycling

Foil (Foil-backed paper)
Although the constituent parts are recyclable, we haven’t found anywhere to recycle these.