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These brand new Evolution bottles are the absolute best. It has thermoregulation, temperature performance 24-hour hot/12-hour cold and they fit the same size caps and straws as the classic tough canteens and curvy canteens.

The straws inside these bottles are colour matched to the colour of the bottle and are made from food-grade silicone and they have dots on them!

  • 500ml Stainless steel bottle
  • Internal silicone straw
💛 About

The Ethos
Onegreenbottle was started in 2006 by Heather, a chemist. Her company’s mission is to provide sustainable alternatives to the most problematic single-use items. They do this with integrity with a product range that is good to the core. All of the products have zero plastic packaging and this year they hope to achieve zero carbon emission status. In 2020 they officially became ‘Plastic Positive’ as part of an impacted program to extract plastic pollution from the oceans and to help reduce poverty.

For every single bottle, they sell they also remove 25 single-use plastic bottles from the ocean. Each Onegreenbottle can then be used for years and years and replace thousands of single-use plastic bottles during its lifetime.