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Whether you're ill, feeling down, or burnt out, this is a box of goodies designed to soothe body, mind and heart. This is filled with things to take it easy on yourself to aid in feeling better. Uplifting essential oils, comforting tea, snacks for duvet days and more.

What's included : £29.99
Under Eye Gel Patches
Sheet Mask
Aromatherapy Roll On


Carpe Diem. In this context it means take advantage of the down day and catch up on your reality television. We'll provide the snacks. Made from an ancient grain of corn, these tasty morsels pop into teeny weeny, pieces. (Smaller kernels are not only cuter, they don't get stuck in your teeth.) Get your snacking on.

Choice of tea
Get the par(tea) started, with a choice of tea....
Sicilian Lemonade
A delicious and refreshing tea with bittersweet lemon.

  • Ingredients: pineapple cubes, sour apple pieces, dried lemon granules, dried lemon peel, dried redcurrants.

Crimson Rhubarb
The rhubarb is heightened by hibiscus and pink cornflower blossoms to create a low acid fruit tea.

  • Ingredients: apple pieces, apple cubes, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, flavouring, rose hip peel, dried rhubarb pieces, pink cornflower blossoms

Gingerbread Rooibos
This infusion provides an indulgent taste combination of gingerbread and orange with rich and aromatic rooibos.

  • Ingredients: rooibos, almond pieces, pistachios, orange peel, coriander, flavoring, pink peppercorn
    'Wake Up' Aromatherapy Roll On
    Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years and this pulse point roll on uses uplifting and bright essential oils specially blended to energise and refresh your mood.
    • Fragrance: Blend of Mandarin, Grapefruit & Lime
    • Ingredients: Mix of 100% Natural and Essential Oils in a soothing Vitamin E carrier oil base

      Under Eye Gel Patches (4 pairs)
      We love multitasking. Throw these under eye patches on, veg in front of the TV, and rise to brighter and refreshed eyes ready to face the world again.
      Puffy Eyes with collagen & cucumber

      • Cucumber extract reduces redness and inflammation, while collagen extract firms-up the skin.

        Sheet Mask (2 pieces)
        Vitamin C is as good on your face as it is in your juice. These sheet masks are drenched with Vitamin C serum that your skin will drink in, deeply hydrating it and creating a brighter more even‑toned complexion.

        • Enriched with Vitamin C, this mask helps to brighten and smooths the skin.
          Is there anything a little sugar didn't help make a bit better? A little box of our favourite pick'n'mix sweets to keep you company 🍬
          • Can be made vegetarian on request. Please leave us a note at checkout.