Violet, Almond & Blackberry Fanciful Thins • Percys Bakery


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This is something special and for those of you who want your treats to look as good as they taste. Fancifuls = thin biscuits enrobed in chocolate.

Softly-softly violet and ethereal almond, beautifully hand-garnished with violet petals, toasted almond slices & tantalising blackberry dust. Each pack contains 8 luxuriously packed delicious biscuits and includes bow-ties tongs for chocolate-free fingers


        • Paper composite material is 100% recyclable.
        • Luxury thin biscuits enrobed in violet chocolate and garnished.
        • Vegetarian
        • 120g



          This is a family-run bakery which has been baking for four generations. Luxury biscuits by Percy's are for sweet-lovers with fine taste. Beautiful and chic, Percy’s Luxury Collection is a sweet selection of exceptionally elegant, hand-garnished biscuits. They love to create new, fresh and exciting treats, inspired by master baker and great uncle Percy’s sensationally sharp sense of style.