Isle of Skye Sea Salt Milk Chocolate • COCO Chocolatier


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Luxurious milk chocolate with a pinch of pristine sea salt made on the Isle of Skye. Sweet and comforting chocolate flavour enhanced by a salty luxury finish.


COCO Chocolatiers only use the highest quality Columbian chocolate and work with their Colombian partners to source their cacao. Once the cacao has passed meticulous quality checks, it is taken to their partner's facility in Bogotá, where the chocolate beans are made into couverture. In addition to sourcing their product at the origin, they contribute to teaching local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield - which includes showing them grafting techniques and accurate methods of fermentation. In doing so, they are proud to contribute to Colombia’s economy, creating legal jobs that allow local workers to make a steady income.
  • 80g
  • 40% single origin
  • Vegetarian
  • Chocolate origin: Colombia
  • No forced labour policy
  • No child labour policy



    COCO Chocolatiers have been sourcing their product 'at origin' since 2016 when they began collaborating with a Colombia company, Luker, who works with cacao farmers across the country. The cacao beans are taken to the facility and made into chocolate couverture - high-quality chocolate buttons - which travel to Edinburgh where their chocolatiers work them into chocolate products. In purchasing a product that is finished at the origin, more wealth stays within the country, helping this developing economy.

    To further contribute to Colombia's economic development, they partner with Luker to teach local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield. It's quite common for people in this industry to never visit the countries they source products from, but Coco Chocolatiers make a point to regularly check-in and ensure their chocolate is produced ethically. The last time they went to Colombia was in 2019.