Christmas Treats


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Filled with traditional hamper items but with a modern twist. All your favourite festive flavours such as mince pie and a bag of ‘brussel sprouts’. A standout item is the gingerbread which is the oldest secret biscuit recipe in the UK!

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Pacifico Sur Cabernet Sauvignon

The most wonderful time of the year isn’t complete with a glass of good wine. Taste this deliciously rounded taste of forward red fruit flavours, the intense aroma of blackberries, and sweet tannins followed by a fresh, balanced finish.

Award Winning Mince Pie

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some mince pies! This rich buttery mince pie made from a signature homemade mincemeat recipe is wrapped in a delicious vanilla flavoured pastry, that will charm you into taking another one.

'Naughty or Nice' Alcohol Gummies

Something fun and a little different. This is an innovative way to enjoy alcohol in a bite. From Pina Colada to Gin & Tonic, this holds a selection of some of the most loved cocktails. Each gummy has a subtle kick at 5% ABV, four or more and you can’t drive!

Gourmet Speculoos Popcorn

Air-popped to perfection, these speculoos popcorn coated in smooth caramel, cinnamon and ginger is reminiscent of your favourite traditional spiced biscuit. Great to share or just to pair with your favourite coffee!

Decadent Truffle & Rosemary Crisps

Looking for a unique snacking experience this holiday season? Try something earthy with this vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and lactose-free Truffle & Rosemary Crisps that blends the fresh sprigs of rosemary and decadent taste of black truffle oh-so perfectly. Not to mention how environmentally friendly these crisp packets are as they are 100% recyclable.

Mulled Wine & Spiced Cider Spice Kit

Winner of the Great Taste Award 2017, Spice Kitchen uses only the highest quality nine spices, hence voted as one of the best mulling spices in the UK by The Independent. A sachet is enough to do a bottle of wine or 1 litre of mulled cider/apple juice.

Traditional White Gingerbread Biscuit

Using England’s oldest biscuit recipe, these bite size gingerbread offers the most delicious, delicate and lightest taste compared to others. With its buttery, vanilla and honeycomb taste with a dash of ginger, it will tantalise your senses, bringing Christmas joy to your taste buds.

Hawkhead Boxing Day Chutney (195g)

It is known that sugar and spices make Christmas so nice. This is made of apples and ginger with sultanas and spices. Perfectly paired with your favourite cheese.

The Choc on Choc Chocolate Sprouts

Bring on the fun and laughs. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Brussels sprouts! It’s time to recreate the Christmas classic with a chocolate twist, handcrafted by artisan chocolatiers from creamy white Belgian chocolate. Each punnett contains eight realistic sprouts for sharing or snacking. Perfect for a veggie lover!

Handmade Shortbread Fingers

Bursting with the traditional flavour of buttery goodness in a light crispy texture, these handmade shortbread will definitely be right up your alley.

Mr Stanley’s Festive Tipple Candy Canes (250g)

Sit down and unwind as you let Mr Stanley’s treats take you to magical places, escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. These delicious candy canes are infused with different festive flavours inspired by your favourite Christmas drinks. As enticing as they sound, they are housed in a whimsical, vintage-inspired box. A wonderful sweet treat for the jolly season.

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