‘Late Harvest' (Small) • Nordic Honey


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Send something sweet or someone sweet...At the end of the Nordic summer, an abundance of ripe and mellow plants deliver honey the colour of a deep golden sunset with the rich aroma of a late harvest. Its maturity is perfect for sophisticated pairings like roasted duck, aged cheeses and full-bodied Merlot. YUM!


  • 75g
  • Organic
  • Floral and mature taste
  • Great Taste award winner
  • Collected later at the summer



Understanding the preciousness

At Nordic Honey, they partner with a select handful of small apiaries to offer high quality and organically certified honey. This means there are no noisy highways, dirty factories or chemically fertilised fields within three kilometres of the beehives, allowing the nectar gatherers to live in peace and harmony with the nature around them. They are 100% organic because they believe in supporting organic beekeepers and that a better and cleaner tomorrow starts from small things.


Details make the difference

They believe the details make the difference. From their signature wooden lids handcrafted by a small carpenters workshop to highly durable glass jars from a renowned glass factory, all their products possess integrity and are delivered to you with great care and purpose.


Sharing the love for honey

 They are dedicated to sharing the love for honey and spread the knowledge and importance of bees. Their aim is to inspire you to enjoy honey in new ways and discover exquisite gastronomic pairings you have never tried before.