8 Card Billfold Smooth Cognac Wallet •Aspinal of London


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Slimline and lightweight, their 8 Card Single Billfold Wallet will discreetly slip into your trousers or coat pocket.

Hand-crafted from responsibly sourced Italian full-grain leather, this refined leather wallet features eight credit card slots, a full-length compartment for notes and two hidden pockets for receipts or business cards.


  • Material - Italian full-grain leather
  • 8 credit card slots
  • Single notes compartment
  • Dimension - H8.6 x W10.6cm
💛 About

Aspinal of London is the quintessential, modern heritage luxury lifestyle brand. The brand headquarters is set within The National Park of West Sussex Downs, deep in the heart of the English countryside. Aspinal of London was born in London's most prestigious museums, galleries and cultural institutions, yet their roots also remain in the English countryside; the duality of city and country go hand in hand, shaping their brand identity and naturally etched into their creative handwriting.

Aspinal products are designed for longevity and are dedicated to making sustainable products with the view that they will be passed down throughout the generations. Craftsmanship is at the heart of achieving this standard of quality, and one of their defining brand values. Aspinal began as a family run business, and to this day remains unchanged. In their company, family values start at the top, creating a strong sense of community among their team and their customers.